Beat the Calculator


Beat the Calculator is a 2D game built with Unity. In 100 seconds, the player needs to build mathematical equations with the numbers and symbols they collected, and the players should let the cumulative score be as high as possible.


You can use either AWSD or UP/LEFT/DOWN/RIGHT for moving.

You use ESC to pause the game if you want.

You the game is finished, you can store your score with your name in the local file for record.

Where to Download (Release version v1.0)

Click "Beat the Calculator.exe" to start the game.


If you have not got any number, you have to get a number before you get a symbol.

When you got a symbol, you cannot get a symbol again since it violates the mathematical rules.

On the other hand, when you got a number, you cannot get a number again until you got a symbol.

You cannot let a number divide or mod by 0.


Sometimes you will need to break your current number to get more symbols/numbers.

Since you cannot add your current score to the cumulative score until you get a "=" operator, the "=" operator may sometimes become scarce and valuable.

About this project

1: The character is from the open-source project: Simple 2D Platformer Assets Pack

2: The music on the intro page is: Grande Valse Brillante Op.18 by Frédéric Chopin

3: The music on the game page is: Minute Waltz Op.64 by Frédéric Chopin

4: The game is designed, programmed, and produced by Xuan Zhai in 2021.

5: Version 1.0 takes 1-2 weeks.