FSAE Driving Simulator


This driving simulator is built for the SMU Hilltop Motorsports FSAE Team. It is built based on the game Assetto Corsa. It uses the Logitech G29 steering wheel as the controller and a Oculus Quest 2 VR headset as an optional output platform.

The data we used to configure the formula racing car in Assetto Corsa comes from our old racing car. For example, the brake setting, throttle setting, and even the suspension setting. And we will use the test result from this simulator to create our new car.

About this project

1: The racing car mod is made by one of the group members and me.

2: The data comes from our real racing car, and the data is stored in a JSON file.

3: We will configure the ECU, steering wheel, brake, and even suspension based on the virtual result we got from the simulator.

4: This project starts in 2020 with a group of 5 people.