Ghostbusters 2022


It is a VR game built with the Unity Engine.

Its target platform is the Meta Oculus Quest 2.

It uses Mixed Reality(MRTK2) with Passthrough.

The guest's goal is to suck all the ghosts to save the CMU Entertainment Technology Center.

demo Video

About this Project

1: It is a two-week project in the ETC Building Virtual Worlds class. This project is developed by a group of five people.

  • Producer / Programmer

      • Annie Feng

  • Sound Designer

      • Yunqi Li

  • Programmer

    • Xuan(James) Zhai

  • 3D Artist

    • Liyi Tang

    • Lauren Platt

2: My role in this project is the gameplay programmer. I was responsible for the main gameplay development and the Passthrough setup.

He is part of the game's source code. They are the gameplay functionalities in different stages. For later optimization, the generation of the ghost will switch to an object pool.