Unreal 5 Plugin Level Design Toolkits



This project is a plugin toolkit for Unreal Engine 5.

This project is developed using the Blueprint system in Unreal Engine 5.

Its target users are level designers.

Project Level Up is creating a package of code, assets, specifications, and documentation in Unreal which will be used by future ETC students beginning in Fall 2023 as the core toolkit for a Level Design (LD) elective course. This toolkit aims to create a “walled garden” environment in which aspiring game and level designers can use industry-standard tools to learn fundamental Level Design skills. We are building a beginner-friendly toolkit inspired by environmental traversal game levels such as Mirror’s Edge. Users can develop a non-combat, environment-based parkour game level featuring a speedy character from beginning to end without coding individual functionalities.


demo video

About this Project

1: It is a semester project developed by ETC LevelUp Team. This project is developed by a group of six people.

2: My role in this project is the primary programmer, which is responsible for most of the functionalities related to the character and the event systems in the toolkit. Besides, I also worked with the programmers on the plugin development.

 One of the core features of our toolkit is the character with the pole. Thus, I've developed most of the functionalities related to the poles, like the conveying hanging that can bring the character from place A to place B.

 I also created the event trigger system for the toolkit. 

The self-invoke one supports general event calls, like grabbing a pole or opening a door, which satisfies all the basic needs for level design beginners. 

The remote calling one, on the other hand, provides an advanced feature that can let the character trigger an event remotely, something like pushing a button to destroy a pillar.

This event trigger is fully modularized so that it can be inherited to create more features.