Overwatch Match Analysis


Overwatch Match Analysis (Overwatch Character Select Analyzer) is a windows-based software application built with C++ and Qt GUI. It helps Overwatch players, especially new players, to find the most suitable heroes.

For many new players, how to choose an Overwatch hero is overwhelming with the large amounts of information given with very little explanation. This software application seeks to provide accurate information based on all these factors to new players who do not understand this concept.

This software will calculate the best hero selection for a user, based on how that hero performs with their team and against the enemy team, to find the hero that would perform that best.

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About this project

1: This project is built with a group of five people, and I'm one of the FrontEnd programmers and Algorithm programmers.

2: This project is built in 2020, and it took 3 months to plan and implement.

3: All the data is pulled from https://www.overbuff.com/