It is a VR game built with the Unity Engine.

Its target platform is the Meta Oculus Quest 2.

The guest's goal is to help "Dave" overcome the crisis.


About this Project

1: It is a two-week project in the ETC Building Virtual Worlds class. This project is developed by a group of five people.

  • Producer / Sound Designer

      • Jingyu(Jerry) Xie

  • Programmer

    • Xuan(James) Zhai

    • Jiacheng(Jason) Qiu

  • 3D Artist

    • Eui Hyun(Christine) Jung

  • 2D Artist

    • Angeline(Angie) Mendenhall

2: My role in this project is the game designer and the gameplay programmer. I designed the whole game and helped write the story narrative.

I am also the gameplay programmer who was responsible for the whole gameplay development. After I finished the game in a 3D environment, my teammate Jason integrated it with the Oculus Quest 2 headset.

Here is a screenshot of the function that I implemented. The function will randomly choose a video of Dave to play based on the water level and the explosion status.