It is a VR game built with the Unity Engine.

Its target platform is the Meta Oculus Quest 2.

The guest will have a few interactions with his dog, a chance to launch his spaceship to explore the wormhole, and a chance to make a decision: saving the dog, which represents the present, or saving the pocket watch, which represents the memory with the wife who passed away. The different decisions he made will lead to different endings.

demo video

About this Project

1: It is a two-week project in the ETC Building Virtual Worlds class. This project is developed by a group of five people.

  • Producer / Sound Designer

      • Derek Williams

  • Programmer

    • Xuan(James) Zhai

    • Harry(Langxuan) He

  • 3D Artist

    • Play(Pulei) Wang

    • Shuozhi Shen

2: My role in this project is the game designer and the gameplay programmer. I worked with other teammates to design the game flow;

As the gameplay programmer, I developed the start scene, the launch scene, the hospital scene, the space scene, and the end scene. I also helped the other programmer finish the VR interaction.

Here is a screenshot of the function I implemented that will let the spaceship's robotic arm grab an object. It will first adjust the direction of the arm, then expand it until the head is close to the object. After it got the object, the arm will shrink to grab the object back to the spaceship.


This build is a PC version. Connect your Quest 2 with your PC and enable Quest Link.